Touch the cash register (POS)

Modern technology touch

Touch coffers thanks to modern technology are an important tool that allows you to simplify the job of accounting at checkout. All operations are carried out by a single finger swipe, which accelerates the process of buying and increasing efficiency. We have prepared a range of high-touch cash registers, which offers high performance and precision design. You can buy individual products or inquire directly at our shop.


Ideal for gastronomy and trade

Get ahead of the competition and earn more. Get a touch coffers with the cash system and you will see that in your restaurant or store it begins to operate effectively and transparently. Suddenly everything goes faster. Not only you but also your customers will appreciate the speed of settlement.

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Top quality

Look at the touch treasures integrated printer, the operating system Android, super durable models specifically designed for high load operation catering to reliably withstand even higher levels of pollution, for example, liquids, dust, etc.

Top quality
Versatile application

Versatile application

Modern touch cash find application in bars, restaurants, hotel receptions, but also for example, fitness centers. Of course also in shops and retail chains are not limited to the type of goods or services. Touch Treasures tools to improve operational efficiency.

Wholesale sales

Traders, dealers and other sellers who are interested in our touch treasury will prepare an individual price offer. If interested in a business partnership and wholesale please contact us. You can also use our online store with the commission system.

Wholesale sales
PEXESO Pokladní systém EET

Jednoduchý pokladní systém

PEXESO Pokladní systémy s EET

pouze za 349 Kč/měsíčně

AWIS Pokladní systém EET

Profesionální pokladní systém pro Gastro

pouze za 850 Kč/měsíčně

AWIS Pokladní systém EET pro obchod

Profesionální pokladní systém pro Obchod

pouze za 850 Kč/měsíčně

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