Touch monitors (LCD)

Minimizes the risk of errors

Touch monitors should be part of any trade or gastronomic operation, which is to be achieved maximum speed and accuracy when serving customers. Thanks to the touchscreen monitors can minimize the risk of errors that can result from manual billing and writing.

High technology hidden in modern design

We offer you a super-power touch screens, which find application in restaurants, bars, hotels, guesthouses, but also in stores that offer services or goods. Monitors from our offer have cutting edge technology. You’ll also appreciate its timeless design, which will help increase the attractiveness of any interior.

Intuitively and quickly by simply touching

Touch screen monitor connected to the POS ensures quick and accurate work – to control just one touch of a finger. Some models can also be controlled with a pencil or other objects. Working with the system is intuitive and fast, the operator will only need a few minutes to make everything perfectly understood and managed.

Merge between clients AWIS Holding, a.s.

We know what you need

In the field of gastronomy, as well as business moves for several years and we believe that we have a really rich experience. We know exactly what waiters, waitresses, cashiers and dealers need. Shift into top speed and experience true comfort.

We know what you need
We have a POS system

We have a POS system

If you are thinking of the touch panel, be sure to also think about the investments in quality and optimized cash register system. Look at our cash desk systems for Windows or download free cash register memory game on mobile with Android.

Wholesale prices

If you are a retailer or dealer, and are interested in what you offer touch screens, please feel free to contact us anytime. Taking over more, or in the case of prolonged cooperation provides clients with wholesale prices.

Wholesale prices
PEXESO Pokladní systém EET

Jednoduchý pokladní systém

PEXESO Pokladní systémy s EET

pouze za 349 Kč/měsíčně

AWIS Pokladní systém EET

Profesionální pokladní systém pro Gastro

pouze za 850 Kč/měsíčně

AWIS Pokladní systém EET pro obchod

Profesionální pokladní systém pro Obchod

pouze za 850 Kč/měsíčně

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