Cashier reports

Selected quality hardware, system stability and original cash register software, are the main features of POS reports that offer. These kits are also best ranked and best-selling POS systems.

Cashiers hardware

We rely on the superior quality and advanced technology in hardware, equipment and accessories for POS systems. The bet paid off not only for us but also for our more than 200 customers. We sell only certified products whose main characteristics are quality, stability, sophistication, efficiency and functionality. For our complete POS system offers advanced POS hardware such as LCD touch-screen cash registers, POS terminals, mobile terminals, receipt printers, scanners, magnetic card readers, cash balances, UPS and customer display.

Merge between clients AWIS Holding, a.s.

Cash assembly AWIS BUSINESS

Professional cash assembly for all kinds of trade, the POS system to store – cashiers software AWIS TRADE, PC – computer (this is a refurbished machine) and Windows 7, the LCD Monitor (Refurbished), thermal printer, the associated cabling.

Cash assembly AWIS BUSINESS
Cash assembly AWIS GASTRO

Cash assembly AWIS GASTRO

High performance cashier assembly AWIS GASTRO for restaurants, hotels, boarding houses, pizzerias, cafes, clubs and discos includes a POS system for restaurants, PC – computer (this is a refurbished machine) and Windows 7 Touch LCD, thermal printer, related accessories and cabling.

POS cash assembly

Cash assembly is waterproof ALU POS ALL IN ONE PC with touch screen, which is equipped with Windows 7. The assembly is also a thermal printer and cash register software AWIS. Payment terminal is suitable for restaurants, discos, clubs, bars and cafes.

POS cash assembly
PEXESO Pokladní systém EET

Jednoduchý pokladní systém

PEXESO Pokladní systémy s EET

pouze za 349 Kč/měsíčně

AWIS Pokladní systém EET

Profesionální pokladní systém pro Gastro

pouze za 850 Kč/měsíčně

AWIS Pokladní systém EET pro obchod

Profesionální pokladní systém pro Obchod

pouze za 850 Kč/měsíčně

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