Educational seminars and workshops

For business owners, entrepreneurs and employees

For business owners, entrepreneurs, but also for employees, organize in Prague and Brno regular seminars and workshops on various topics, especially concerning business. These actions help consultation with business and labor processes, with which there may be problems or do not know exactly how to solve them. The aim of these seminars and workshops is mainly to introduce and teach you how to effectively deal with individual work steps.

Education practitioners

Workshop will take you through each of experienced professionals from the ranks of our company, but also our partners – consultants, managers and entrepreneurs with years of experience and expert knowledge in the various fields. We invite always at least one adviser who is with the issue rich experience. All our workshops and other events and documenting the process of these videos, which subsequently published on our Youtube channel. For more information on all of these events, please visit our website

Sample seminar topics

Merge between clients AWIS Holding, a.s.

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We have expertise experience we have gained over many years of our business. We operate mainly in the segment of IT (software development), we also have a beer close to the gastronomy property management. All our experience gained knowledge we consider very valuable information that can give you and the right and through our seminars.

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Remove professional blindness

Remove professional blindness

Blindness professional for the state in which the entrepreneur is no longer able to perceive things as perceived by each new incoming work Sila. Professional Blindness will significantly worsen the view of many matters relating to employment. We’ll get through our professional seminars workshop we will try to eliminate blindness I’ll show you what else to do Things – effectively the better.

Powerhouses competition

Our seminars workshops YOU charging a new energy. You find out what you did wrong is how much extra work you Meli. Teaches you how to work effectively, what would it uses advanced technology tools to help you with your work will help significantly. And everything will help to overwhelm your competition.

Powerhouses competition
PEXESO Pokladní systém EET

Jednoduchý pokladní systém

PEXESO Pokladní systémy s EET

pouze za 349 Kč/měsíčně

AWIS Pokladní systém EET

Profesionální pokladní systém pro Gastro

pouze za 850 Kč/měsíčně

AWIS Pokladní systém EET pro obchod

Profesionální pokladní systém pro Obchod

pouze za 850 Kč/měsíčně

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